Class 1 Notes: Qawaaid ul Arbaa : The Four principles explained by Dr Saleh As-Saleh

Class 1 Notes are updated and completed.
Please continue reading from where you left. Baarak Allaaho feekom.

علم التوحيد

Dars by Dr Saleh As-Saleh. 

Book : Qawaaid ul Arbaa’ (The Four principles). Written by Mohammad ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab (Rahimahuallah).

Taken from the explanation of Shaykh Fawzaan (Hafidhahuallah).

Class One :

In this first treaties, talk regarding the classical treaties by a Shaykh Mohammad bin Sulaymaan at-Tamimee (Rahimahuallah) known as Qawaaid ul Arba’a (4Rules). This is an introduction which every Muslim needs to know of. These 4 Rules are related to the great matter of Tawheed. This is the message which Allaah- The Most High has specifically sent His Messengers and Revealed His Books in order that mankind single Him alone in worship and ascribe no partners with Him in that. The Author Rahimahuallah began his introduction or a book/treaty by a dua’aa (invocation).


The Author (Rahimahuallah) is making a dua’aa. So, in his treaties he thought in the beginning to make a dua’aa for the seeker of knowledge and…

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