Madinah Book 1-Class 5 Notes by Ustaadhah Sameerah Al Harbi.

Book : Madinah Book ONE.

Teacher : Sameerah Al Harbi.

Class 5 Notes

The Third lesson


In this lesson we will learn in detail how to make from   نكرة to معرفة by using ال التعريف .

  • First we need to know there are two types of Hamzah that comes in the beginning of the words: a) همزة الوصل b)همزة القطع
  • a) همزة الوصل: It is written and not pronounced when its in middle or end. But, if you start speech using this hamzah then it is pronounced and written.
  • b)همزة القطع : It is written and pronounced whether it is in beginning, middle or end. 
  • Difference between two can be see in connected speech only.

Example : البيت والمسجد والكتاب all are starting with ال التعريف .

Example : إسلام وإيمان.

difference by seeing sentences is :

1) Both Hamzah written in different way.

2)همزة الوصل is pronounced only when you start your speech with it. But, if is preceded by any word which maybe noun, particle, verb etc. Then, this hamzah is dropped in speech but not in writing. WHERE AS, همزة القطع is pronounced whether it comes in beginning or in middle .

  • ال التعريف consists of two letters : a)Hamzah which is همزة الوصل.  and b)Laam which are also of two types.
  • Note : We donot always say, ”two types of laam” because sometimes they say ”Laam of ال” and sometimes they talk ,”ال” as a whole. 
  • ال are of two different types. 


  • We can either say ال القمرية وال الشمسية OR you can sayاللام القمرية واللام الشمسية 
  • We have 14 letters of اللام القمرية and 14 letters of اللام الشمسية.
  • Notice when you pronounce, ”القمرية” you pronounce clear laam and when you pronounce, ”الشمسية” then you don’t pronounce laam. This rule is same as Idghaam. The laam is assimilated to the letter of الشمسية. And in الشمسية all letters are being pronounced using tip or blade of the tongue. WHERE AS in, ‘القمرية’ the tip of blade of the tongue is not used. 



Notes by Ommo ‘Abdillah Al Baakistaaniyyah.

From the Dars of Ustaadhah Sameerah Al Harbi.

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