10 points, ”Advice for seeking knowledge” by Ustaadhana Haadi.

Precise Points I am sharing from the dars advise for seeking knowledge
2)Acting upon knowledge.
3)beautify with good manners and characteristics.
4)Memorizing book of Allaah ‘Azza wa jal, revising and knowing its meanings.
5)Choosing trustworthy scholars to seek knowledge from and avoding sittings with innovators.
6)Starting with books like tawheed, aqeedah and do which you are able to do.
7)Revising Knowledge with other students and if your not able then yourself.
8)Having good manners in asking Question with Shyookh or Tullabul ‘ilm.
9)Writing the knowledge which you hear.
10)Not going against the salaf.
Wa Allaaho ‘Alam

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