Arabic class 2 by Ustaadhana Hadi Hammad (Wednesday 9 sept)

ما هذا؟

What is this?

Benefits :

  • ما is used for asking questions for non intellect things (غير عاقل).
  • In هذا it is actually pronounced as هاذا but alif is not written because arabs like to speak using less words.
  • In هاذا the demonstrative pronoun is ,” ذا” but the ها is used for grabbing attention of a person which is called as تنبيهTanbeeh.
  • This هذا is used for masculine singular thing which is close. Not necessarily sometimes that thing is close but because you made that thing close by describing it and not close by distance. For example : Someone asks who is abu bakr? You tell his virtues and who he is. This is Abu Bakr.


أهذا بيت؟

Is this a house?


  • To ask questions of (Yes or NO) we use hamzah in the beginning of هذا.Example in Qur’aan 

    أتأمرون الناس بالبر وتنسون أنفسكم

  • We can answer such questions أهذا بيت ؟ by either saying , ”نعم, هذا بيت” OR نعم. Because, نعم is Kalaam here which means it is beneficial speech and it do not need more information.
  • أهذا مفتاح؟ Is this a key?  لا, هذا قلم.No, this a pen.


من هذا؟

Who is this?


  • من used for things which have intellect known as غير عاقل.
  • من هذا is for masculine singular. And for feminine singular we use من هذه؟
  • Definition : Tanween is a saakin (silent)noon which comes in the end of noun in pronunciation but is not written.(i.e nunation in the end of noun)


اعراب I3raab

  • i3raab means Arabic nouns have different endings to show their function in a sentence.
  • Types of I3raab are : 1)رفع Ra3 and Nasb نصب: used for Nouns and verbs only.  It is Dhammah and fathah.                 2)جر Jarr :Used for nouns only.It is kasrah like Bizaydin بزيد .       
  • 3)Jazm جزم sukoon : used for verbs like لم يقم  (lam yaqum)


Notes written by Omm Zakariyaa AL Baakistaaniyyah As-Salafiyyah

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