🍃🍂Beautiful description of tawakul🍂🍃

🍃🍂Beautiful description of tawakul🍂🍃

Shaykh ul Islaam Imaam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah Rahimahullah said:  💭

“The condition of the one who relies on Allaah is like the condition of the one who is given a dirham by a king, then it gets stolen from him; so the king says to him: ‘I have many times as much as that, so don’t worry.When you come to me, I will give you from my treasures much more than that.’ Thus if (this person) knows the truthfulness of the king’s statement, and trusts him, and knows that his treasures are full of that, then what he missed will not make him sad.” [Madaarij us-Saalikeen; Tawakkul; Volume 1, p. 527]📚

📝In Arabic :
وكذلك من أعطاه ملك درهما ، فسرق منه . فقال له الملك : عندي أضعافه . فلا تهتم . متى جئت إلي أعطيتك من خزائني أضعافه . فإذا علم صحة قول الملك ، ووثق به ، واطمأن إليه ، وعلم أن خزائنه مليئة بذلك – لم يحزنه فوته

📚Reference from Original Arabic book :


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