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Things that helps us in our path of learning Arabic : PART 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
All Praise is to Allaah azza wa jal who gives ability to His Slave to speak truth, All Praise is Only to Him, for we are weak and not a eye blinks except by His Will. All Praise is to Him, that He opens the door to seek knowledge of Arabic and increases the understanding. Nothing is done by slave rather whatever hard work is done only by His will and His Aid.
All Praise is to Allaah for making firm in our path of learning.
Before, writing things that may strengthen in your path of seeking knowledge of Arabic. These things are those that once upon a time Allaah azza wa jal allowed me to ask advise from my teacher, and He allowed me to ask advise from student of knowledge, He allowed me to read relating to Arabic how salaf were in their path of seeking knowledge of this beautiful language.I precisely in points will convey so it is grasped easily,
1- Intention: This is very important than action. For action might be nullified if intention is not sincerely for Allaah azza wa jal. An action might be small but if its intention is strong then it might be great in weight and an action might be big but due to impurity in intention it might be nullified. We ask Allaah azza wajal that He continues to make us sincere that we are seeking this knowledge only to understand His words in Qura’an and that we understand the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Sal Allaaho Alyhe wasalam and that we can seek the knowledge of this beautiful deen directly in Arabic language from the Scholars of Salaf. Be it the Scholar of Past, Present or Future. That we can read the books in Arabic directly Ameen.
2- Du’aa: We depend on seeking the aid of Allaah azza wa jal. We are winner if we increase in du’aa. Du’aa itself is worship. And the one who do not asks Allaah azza wa jal then Allaah is angry with such person. And opposite is true. The one who asks Allaah azza wa jal then Allaah is pleased with such person. And when Allaah is pleased with His Slave then what is better than this, in regards to what this all world contains?
The Major tool that helps one in seeking knowledge of Arabic is that you mention the du’aa of learning Arabic in your du’aas. Du’aa in times when it is accepted. Doing du’aa does not cost you anything. Rather do as much as you want. Being excessive in du’aa is not bid’aa. Hence, thank Allaah azza wa jal that He gave us a worship like ‘’duaa’ due to which we can ask His Aid. And All Praise and Thank is to Him who opens the doors of acceptance of du’aa in times when it is accepted. Utilize these golden times in du’aa.
3- Asking advice from good people: Is their difference between not asking advice and asking? Yes. If you ask, you might benefit and if you do not ask, you are deprived of that benefit. Asking advice brings nothing but good. Ask advice from people of good likes of your teachers, a student of knowledge you might know, a Shaykh you might know or read the advice of salaf how they were, when it comes to seeking knowledge of Arabic. Instead, of doing gossips, a vain talk etc this all can be replaced by using the tongue in good and one of that goodness is asking advise.
4- Avoid sins: Sins have great effect on our lives. To be precise it effects our memory, our appearance, our heart, our knowledge, our relationship with Allaah azza wa jal. It effects knowledge and so knowledge and sins cannot go together. We need to avoid sins as much as possible for knowledge is light that enters heart and darkness and light cannot be in one place.
5- If you have sinned then asking repentance to remove the effect of sin: Perhaps a knowledge will look hard to seek due to a sin as barrier. Hence, a repentance will remove its effect.
6- Being humble in your path of seeking knowledge: You know Arabic and others do not know! Mistake! A big Mistake! We beg Allah’s forgiveness from such trait. We are in great loss if we have arrogance and know that a beneficial knowledge increases a person in fear of Allaah and being humble. It never increases us in arrogance. Hence, if we are increasing in arrogance then this might be knowledge but it is not BENEFICIAL KNOWLEDGE as it did not benefitted us in this world and will not benefit in Aaakhirah. We ask Allaah azza wa jal to make us humble and gentle and fearful of Him Ameen. Reading lives of salaf and the lives of our Scholars will surely make us humble and sitting with people of such characteristics.
7- Having a Salafi teacher to learn Arabic from and if you cannot reach a teacher then have a student who have learnt Arabic. Arabic is not self-study because it might confuse you and perhaps you might be getting hard on yourself and end studying. It needs someone to guide you and Allaah knows your keenness in learning. Won’t He aid you? Put your all Trust on Allaah azza wa jal and Have Taqwa. He will make a way for you from where you might have not imagined. And so whoever puts his trust in Allaah then Allaah is sufficient for him.
8-Being Consistent: Knowledge needs consistency. If we leave learning Arabic in between we might forget and the all hardwork you have been doing, its effect on your skills will slowly go away. Knowledge needs consistency and we ask Allaah azza wa jal to give us firmness Ameen.
9-Revise the lesson : Before taking new lesson, revise the previous. I was reading the book of Ibn Al Jawzee Rahimahuallah الحث على حفظ العلم وذكر كبار الحفاظ » الْبَابُ الرَّابِعُ which gave me lesson that salaf used to revise their lesson 100 times and so on. But, if we see ourselves we do not even sometimes revise 1 time. and this itself needs du’aa. Subhan Allaah we are so weak we need du’aa in all situations.
10-Memorizing Vocabulary : Vocabulary given during lesson can be memorized in many ways which are as follows :
  • a) Using the vocabulary in daily life.
  • b) Writing it many times on paper.
  • c)Making sentences in Arabic using those words.
  • d)Extra reading of short paragraphs on any topic.
For example : A small story book or Islamic book. You might come across same vocabulary and once you increase your reading skills then it saves vocabulary better in your brain.
11- Arabic language skills :
  • a)Listening skill : This skill my teacher advised that it can be improved by listening . For example : to any audio in Arabic or listening to Arabs speaking. For example : Listen to atleast 5 min audio or listen to short Khutbah. Listen everyday some arabic audios. Do not worry if you do not understand all what is being said. Just Listen and slowly when you learn vocabs many words will get clear.
  • b)Reading skills : Reading short books or taking short paragraphs out of book big. Read something in Arabic everyday.
  • c)Speaking skills : Speak with your teacher, Speak with those who already knows arabic, have arab friends and speak with them. The more you speak the more tongue get used to it. It is fine to make mistakes but it is not fine to remain silent.
  • d)Understanding skills : Solve Comprehension exercises to increase your understanding skills. Listen to stories of Salaf and check if you understood right from what you listened by writing it shortly on page and ask help from your friend who may know arabic.
  • e)Writing skills : Writing skills are increased by writing notes during lecture, practicing writing vocabs, writing by listening to audios and solving comprehensions.
Know, our limbs get used to the language by practicing it consistently. By listening your ears get used to it, by reading your eyes and tongue, by speaking your tongue, by understanding you exercise your brain to work faster, by writing your fingers get used to it and so on. Get your limbs used to Arabic by PRACTICING CONSISTENTLY. If you do not do so and if you were good in Arabic but because now you are not consistent and you left arabic for a month or so, you will get weak even in the skills you were good before.
To be continued…
Written by Weak slave of Allaah– Om Zakariyaa Al baakistaaniyyah
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