Arabic guide by SUUK

Arabic Guide Presented by SUUK
Sisters United Upon Knowledge.
All the activities happening in SUUK is after seeking the advise of our Advisor Mustafa geroge hafidhahuallah. Hence, one of the Admin Om Zakariyaa will be compiling Arabic guide after seeking advise from people of knowledge. This is mentioned due to sisters asking reliability.
We need to know what is your preference and what you need to see in guide. We need to know what advises you want regarding arabic language. And so on whatever you need please clearly mention in email.
We are opening the suggestions and questions till end of january. After this the guide will be made.
It is requested that sisters when they send email mention in subject ” For Arabic ”

And then in text of email mention there questions or suggestions and so on regarding arabic which you want to see in guide.

May Allaah azza wa jal make this beneficial to the reader and compiler Ameen.

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