About Me

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I am ‘Aishah binte Akram originally Pakistani raised in Riyadh. I studied Arabic from many places.Therefore i will shortly mention following:

1-When i was child at my school in Riyadh.

2-From Private Egyptian teachers.

3-Al-Furqan Institute online under professor of Ummul Qura university.

4-In Masjid in UAE -Sharjah.

5-Al-Ibaanah Markaz Eygpt. Still studying online.

6-Arabic Language course from Imaam Mohammad bin Saud University.

7-Dar Ar-Raed Salafi school for Women in Riyadh. 

As for Qur’aan education i memorized in UAE masjid and Dar Ar raid in Riyadh. I am currently memorizing under ex teacher of Al Wasitiyyah Institute and she holds ejaazah in 9 recitations. 

As for my Tawheed knowledge i attend duroos of our Shaykh Salih Al Fawzan hafidhahuallah in Riyadh. But, because i am female so due to transport issues sometimes i miss to attend in masjid as we need mahram to take us there or accompanied by mahram. I donot intend to mention about me to mean i am student of knowledge. I am layman sister wanting to learn and act upon and as possible help others and by sharing translations of benefits in Arabic to English getting reward from Allaah azza wa jal in both worlds.


I also teach Tuition of Qur’aan and Arabic to childhren. I started in 2013. Currently, i am giving homeschooling for Saudi Arabic curriculum 2016 to children.For more details please contact.

I also learnt Hijamah from Sharjah Holistic Health center and doing hijamah since 2013 in UAE and in Riyadh. For more details please contact.

For any mistakes in my content please contact.

And lastly, i am weak person who sin so i am not superior for anything what Allaah azza wa jal blessed me. I donot like to be called teacher or student of knowledge. May Allaah azza wajal forgive our sins ameen

Jazaakoma Allaaho khayra

May Allaah azza wa jal accept from us all ameen.




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