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Qa waaid ul Arba Notes

قواعد الأربع The Four Principles Notes

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🔴Qawaaid ul Arbaa explained by Shaykh Mohammad bin Ramzaan Al Haajiree حفظه الله
🔴Edition 1 written and compiled by Om Zakariyaa Al Baakistaaniyyah
🔴Checked and proofread by different sisters involved in this great task to avoid spellings and other typing mistakes.

🔴 20 pages.
🔴Contains Arabic matan and English translation.
🔴For those who understand english language.
🔴Provided Arabic definitions and arabic terms mentioned by Shaykh.
🔴Email provided in PDF to report for any mistakes.
🔴Additional research notes on some topics with reference.

May Allaah azza wa jal make it beneficial in both worlds for compiler and those who aided and those who will read Ameen..


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