Nawaaqidul Islaam : Class 1 Notes from Dars of Shaykh ‘Abdullah An-Najmi.

Book Name : Nawaaqidul Islaam (Nullifiers of Islaam)

Author : Shaykh Mohammad Ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab (Rahimahuahallah)

Dars by Shaykh ‘Abdullah An-Najmi.


  1. Shaykh Mohammad ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab Rahimahuallah and other scholars have pointed out great importance on nullifiers of Islaam, which if a person falls in, he apostates from Islaam.
  2. If a person falls into one of these ten nullifiers, it makes him apostate.
  3. The most important and main nullifiers are those which Shaykh Mohammad ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab Rahimahuallah mentions and There are more Nullifiers of Islaam but Shaykh Mohammad ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab (Rahimahuallah) pointed out main nullifiers and others falls into one of these.
  4. The son of Shaykh name, ‘Abdullah bin Mohammad ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab wrote a small treaty (Risaalah) which is called,”The beneficial words in the disbelieving acts which is happening in current era”. So, he also explains nullifiers of Islaam in this book.
  5. Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzan Hafidhahuallah says,”Studying these Nullifiers of Islaam is very important for everyone”.
  6. Many other Scholars have given great care and importance on studying these nullifiers of Islaam and they have also allocated a section for nullifiers of Islaam in their Fiqh Books, a chapter called, “Ruling upon the one who apostates”. And you also find this in Advance and Concise books.
  7. Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmi says,”The most important or beneficial book that Shaykh Mohammad ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab (Rahimahuallah) has written is Nullifiers of Islaam. And it is upon every Muslim to learn these nullifiers of Islaam, so that he would not fall into these, without realizing.”
  8. It is upon the Muslims to learn these Nullifiers. Just like the Muslim who performs Wudu and then he breaks or nullifys his wudu. Then it is obligation upon him to perform again wudu. Just like that if a person falls into any of the acts that nullifys Islaam then it is obligation upon him to repent from that and go back into Islaam. So, he has to know them first so that he doesn’t fall into it.
  9. Murtad(Apostate) is the one who disbelieves after he was a Muslim. The Apostasy takes place by committing one of the Nullifiers of Islaam.
  10. The Nullifiers of Islaam are many and they all fall back to one of five categories which are as follows :
  • Apostasy with Speech : Example : Cursing Allaah ‘Azza wa jal, Cursing His Messenger, Cursing Angels, Cursing other Messengers , Someone who claims Prophet hood, Someone supplicating to other than Allaah ‘Azza wa jal , seeking aid and assistance from other than Allaah ‘Azza wa jal on something that ONLY Allaah ‘Azza wa jal can do.
  • Apostasy with actions : Example : Prostrating to other then Allaah like Idols, Prostrating to People in graves, Practicing Magic  and learning it and teaching to others.
  • Apostasy with belief : Example : holding belief that Allaah ‘Azza wa jal have a partner, holding belief that fornication or adultery or drinking Alcohol are permissible, holding belief that prayer is not obligatory upon you and many other things to which Scholars have consensus about that these things are obligation and these things are forbidden. And this person holds belief in opposition to the consensus of Scholars.
  • Apostasy with doubt: Example: Having doubt that Shirk is prohibited, having doubt that fornication and drinking alcohol is forbidden, having doubt on the Prophecy or message of Mohammad Sal Allaaho ‘Alyhe wasalam.
  • Apostasy with abandonment: Example: abandoning the prayer intentionally without legislated excuse and leaves it until the time of prayer is finished.

11 . All of 10 Nullifiers of Islaam mentioned by Shaykh Mohammad ibno ‘Abdil Wahaab (Rahimahuallah) goes back to one of these five mentioned above.


 Rulings about the One who falls into one of these Nullifiers:

  1. First he has to repent and enter Islaam Again.
  2. If person rejects and refuses to repent, then it is an obligation to kill him which is prescribed punishment set by Allaah ‘Azza wa jal. The leader of country carry’s out punishment and not anyone else. Al-Bukhaari (6922) narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever changes his religion, put him to death.”
  3. If a person rejects to repent then he is not allowed to spend his wealth freely how he wishes rather it becomes like a booty generally for Muslims in country. But, if he repents then he can use his wealth as he wishes.
  4. If a person do not repents, then it is not permissible that he inherit his family and nor does his family inherit him.
  5. If a person dies while in the state of apostasy, then he should not be washed, no one should pray (janaazah) on him, and should not be buried in Muslim graves.


About 10 Nullifiers:

When there was widespread ignorance and religion became strange, there were people who ascribed them to have knowledge started to claim that, “We should not say that anyone is a disbeliever even if he does any action that nullifys Islaam. And we should not cause division between Muslims by declaring anyone Disbeliever or apostate”.The companions of Prophet Sal Allaaho ‘Alyhe wasalaam after his death, fought the ones who apostates when they refused to pay Zakaah. All companions raged war against them and none of them said, “We should not cause division between the Muslims by declaring anyone to be disbeliever”


Reference from Audio 1

Transcript Notes by Ommo ‘Abdillah Al Baakistaniyyah.

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